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Go Digital and Knock'em Out!

Posted on July 1, 2023 by Tracy Vile

It's likely you have a great service or product. Excellent branding, supported by killer campaigns and a expire hard 'do it now' marketing team. Yet, when you make a display on your service or product, a lot depends upon the display itself. And usually, you get only 1 chance to get that promotion. The first impression.

Just how exactly you ensure maximum impact? Docket folders are prehistoric. OHP slides are obsolete. Power Point is passé. What's next?

The answer is based on leveraging the magic of films to pep up one's presentations. Since its inception, movie theater has captured the individual creativity like no other mass medium has. Except tv, somewhat, which is again a fundamentally a cinematic format. Films are recognized to arouse emotions, build empathy, evoke passionate participation and ensure high degrees of recollect.

Consider, if you can leverage many of these for your presentation, what an infectious impact it could make!

That is precisely what New Media looks for to do. Using digital technology, the overall look and grandeur of movies can be created at a small percentage of the price involved in typical film-making on celluloid. And it's really quicker too. The effect: your display comes alive with audio, music, voice-overs, computer images, animation and special results and what not... you can certainly do everything -- providing an electronic punch, making the most of the impact.

Here are the main element benefits of using digital films to make presentations:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Digital technology is targeted at deliver drastically lower costs when compared with traditional mass media. Hence, the solutions are highly inside your means.
  • Swiftness: The creation process takes a shorter time routine when compared with traditional film-making.
  • Versatility: After the get good at version is ready, you can adapt it to a number of uses at an extremely low priced. Thus, something display can be edited into a curtain raiser for occasions, an audio-visual loop for trade fairs, an attract loop for an impression screen kiosk, etc.
  • Impact: The medium offers maximum impact and therefore, high recall levels.
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