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Movies - Watch What You Want, When You Want

Posted on March 23, 2021 by Tracy Vile

Films are a huge source of entertainment for most people. The reason? It is probably because people who have little in common can get a picture to enjoy together.

The moviemakers apparently understood the need to make movies that appeal to a broad audience. Otherwise, the great guy would not take some time out in his pursuit of the bad guys to kiss the woman. The girl would not get herself in a mess that required a heroic rescue before she got her man. And - perhaps the clearest case of all - the animations would not have such great comedy that appeals to the adults nearly as much as the kids.

Technology has played an essential role in broadening the appeal of most films to encompass a broader audience. Think about the pictures of a half-century past. There were spacemen on Earth and earthlings in distance, but the scenes were usually quite plain and the nearly everything was left to the creativity of the view. These days, the vistas are bigger than life, futuristic scenes are more amazing than the normal imagination might have conjured on its own and the stunts are incredible - since they are humanly impossible.

But even when we are watching a stunt which can not possibly have happened in real life, we are awed and amazed and can not wait to see it again. And again. And that's the great thing about the film experience today. Not only are there thousands upon thousands of films to watch, many are available to purchase, rent or download on your PC. You can see them as often as you need, shelve them and watch them again.

While technology is playing an essential role in the movie-making procedure, it's also critical for movie watching. The fact that lots of movies are now digital files on DVD makes it possible for moviemakers to apply an assortment of unique features into the movie file itself. Surround sound is one of these distinctive features and in case you've got a home theater setup with surround sound, you will have the ability to hear the special effects just like you do in a commercial theater. Ever wonder how it is a door squeaks to your right, even though a woman cries to your left? The solution is surround sound technology and a DVD has ample space to keep those sorts of programming features.

You and your partner will probably never agree on each and every movie. But with the many movie titles available that you rent or possess either on DVD or to download to your computer, it is very likely that you will find something that you want to watch tonight. And maybe even something which you want to watch again.