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Television and the Net - Growing Together, Not Apart

Posted on January 12, 2023 by Tracy Vile

The old fashioned wall posters that featured TV and celebrities alongside rock bands and that highlighted generations of teen-age bedrooms have already been overshadowed, or even replaced, by fan sites on the net. You can find untold tens (hundreds?) of a large number of them, which range from amateur idol worship to sophisticated collections of information, photos and frequently videos of the individual, or shows being lionized.

For probably the most part, fan sites can upload photos and small clips from films beneath the "fair use" policy. In most cases, fair use is really a court-defined copyright principle in line with the belief that the general public is eligible for freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism. Short clips or stills of an application or film are often covered under fair use.

Turning Fandom into Big Business

Like most the rest on the net, folks are finding methods to earn money from the phenomenon. You can find indexes of TV fan sites which are peppered with advertising. Sites for the soap opera stars provide particularly potent advertising opportunities. You can find "official" and unofficial sites focused on public figures in the entertainment world. Lots of the unofficial sites have advertising aswell, as the official sites often peddle memorabilia. For example, so do the unofficial sites.

Any Press is Good Press

What the entertainment industry has learned is that, generally, fan sites have a confident effect on the entertainer or entertainers featured. The old adage about negative news coverage is "Print whatever you want about me, just spell my name properly." Quite simply, any coverage is good coverage, any exposure is good exposure. The truly short version is "there is no bad press."

For television, that is particularly important pertaining to the premieres of new shows and the launch of new seasons. Web fan sites supply the opportunity for it networks to premiere character outlines and also selected promotional clips. This is previously the exclusive domain of morning news programs and entertainment news magazines like Entertainment Tonight.

In the planet of Sports

In the sports world, there are many gaming sites - particularly in the united kingdom - that invite viewers to upload their personal videos or photos of pro athletes or games. The complete sports industry, like the gaming segment, is TV driven. Some sites purchase this article. In this country as in Europe, lots of the media savvy pro athletes have their very own websites. Controversial pros such as for example Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens use the websites to react to negative news coverage; you'll often see their personal blogs quoted in sports stories. Some athletes peddle their very own autographed memorabilia over their internet sites.

TV Personalities

Many teen TV and music personalities likewise have their very own websites and offer (ostensibly) personal updates on the lives, careers, etc. It has changed the type of teen idol worship by bringing the entertainer much nearer to the fan. These personal "star" sites are actually productive publicity and outreach tools for performers wanting to create a following on the list of 12-24 generation. They will have also helped to create ratings for it shows starring these young actors.


Hollywood.com is really a site focused on television and film industry gossip, news and images. You'll find tv program clips there, presumably placed with permission from the studio. A significant element of their content, however, may be the index of fan pages for stars of most types - music, movies, TV. All this content like the fan sites is interlaced with advertising for upcoming movies and several non-entertainment, online products.