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The Polar Express

Posted on June 7, 2022 by Tracy Vile

The Polar Express is really a dramatic movie for children and adults concerning the beauty and magic of Christmas. This is a movie that everyone can enjoy together. Unlike most holiday kids' movies, The Polar Express is really a much more serious look on the thought of Santa Claus. The movie is humorous in several parts, but mostly dramatic. That is something not usually observed in movies of the type, so that it makes it a unique, yet pleasant experience.


Tom Hanks did a lot of the voices in The Polar Express, that is quite impressive. So, basically he could be the primary cast member for the whole movie. Hanks did an excellent job of disguising his voice to create each character original and unique from others. He shined once more in the roles he took on and helped make the movie successful.


The storyline of The Polar Express was pretty interesting. It began very interesting with the complete idea of the kid wondering if there is a Santa and the mysterious train rolling through the towns. However, because the movie continued, it lost momentum. It became almost too complicated, for audience members had no idea where it had been going sometimes. Although surprises are nice, once the audience is totally confused, it isn't a very important thing. However, in the ending, the whole lot was pulled together, somewhat. The movie ended beautifully, as everyone expected it to. It had been that portion in the center of the film that got a touch too scattered.