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The Sixth Sense

Posted on July 22, 2022 by Tracy Vile

Lines from The Sixth Sense remain whispered eerily today by those that loved the film. It had been a movie that shocked and thrilled those that watched it. It had been unusual and engaging however, and may hold an audience without the problem at all.


The cast of the Sixth Sense was great. Haley Joel Osment played the lead character which could start to see the dead people. He was quite young however he took on the role easily. Actually, the role was one which could have scared most children to death; however Osment was fearless in his acting. Bruce Willis was another character in the film. He played the shrink that has been attempting to help Osment with this particular "issue" of seeing dead people. Willis was as effective as he always is and played the role well. Supporting roles were played by Toni Collette and Olivia Williams, who did fantastic aswell. The complete cast was believable and talented within their roles. They took the film seriously, worked hard, also it paid off ultimately.


The whole notion of The Sixth Sense was genius. The theory is a thing that a lot of people fear on a regular basis. After all, no-one wants to come across a trapped spirit. It really is what children scream with their parents about at night time, in fear. It really is what adults still wonder about, far after their youth. The thought of bringing this fear to the screen completely force was an ideal solution to scare and excite those that love thriller movies.