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Posted on March 14, 2022 by Tracy Vile

Unfaithful is among the most disturbing dramatic movies ever. It has all the components of an excellent drama. There's deceit, love, cover-ups and much more. This is a great and thrilling look at a couple of coping with adultery in another of probably the most dramatic ways possible.


The cast of Unfaithful is amazing. Richard Gere plays the husband who's married to Diane Lane. Lane may be the unfaithful wife that meets a stranger in the town and develops an obsession with him. She then starts a hot and steamy affair with him. The handsome stranger is Oliver Martinez. The three of these have great chemistry online. Gere and Lane are this type of believable and beautiful couple. Lane and Martinez are so hot they have you blushing. Overall, the actors and actresses execute a congrats in the movie. They're dramatic and exciting to view.


The script is an excellent story about adultery. Even though topic isn't a nice one, the story leaves those seeking drama satisfied in a strange way. The ending of the movie is fairly interesting and unexpected. The complete story really provides audience a fresh look at what folks can handle if they are cheated on. Even probably the most "normal" people can flip if they are increasingly being emotionally hurt by someone they love. Overall, the script does have a tendency to drag in parts, however the storyline is strong enough to help keep you involved. This is a movie that everyone should see at least one time.